600 is ideal for converting manual valves to automatic. Universal design fits a wide range of anti-siphon bodies.

Available in Sizes: 3/4″ and 1″

Where to Buy

– Reinforced Diaphragm
600 lb. test nylon reinforced EPDM diaphragm

– Heavy Duty
Molded from heavy-duty, high-impact, glass-reinforced nylon

– Designed to Stay Clean
Self-cleaning, dirt-free, clog-free design

– Slow Close
Slow closing: no water, hammer, surge, or noise

– Flow Control
Flow control for regulating water from fully on to completely off

600075CH003/4"3/4" Electric Compact Plastic Adaptor
600100CH001"1" Electric Compact Plastic Adaptor

Solenoid Specifications

  • Standard 24 VAC
  • Optional Low Watt 24 VAC
  • Optional 110 VAC
  • Optional 220 VAC
  • Optional DC Latching

Operating Ranges

  • Pressure: 30 to 200 PSI
ModelRepair KitIndexSizeKit Description
600140291903/4"3/4" 600 Repair Kit
600140301901"1" 600 Repair Kit
60016200-A12All24 VAC Solenoid Assembly