CoalBrass Nozzle

CoalBrass Nozzles are the best way to water areas requiring precise control of spray patterns and even precipitation. A special coefficient of uniformity (CU) slot ensures matched water disbursement from the base of the sprinkler, all the way to the end of the radius. Durable charcoal-colored CoalBrass nozzles suitable for the harshest of applications.

Where to Buy

– Available in 5′, 8′, 10′, 12′, or 15′ radius

– Uniform spray patterns throughout the full radius with CU slot

– Virtually eliminates risk of damage from equipment and chemicals

– Handles freezing temperatures better than plastic

– Black CoalBrass looks like plastic, reducing threat of theft

– Matched precipitation across spray patterns and radius sizes

– End, center and side strip patterns available

– Features brass adjusting screw and high-flow polypropylene filter

– Fits all Buckner spray pop-ups

– 5/8″- 28 Female thread

– May be used on sprinklers accepting a 5/8”- 28 thread (Rainbird®, Richdel®, Weathermatic®, Nelson®, and Buckner ® )

Model NumberModel DescriptionNozzle CodeDescription
B5CoalBrass™, 5' Radius, 5° TrajectoryFFull Circle, 360°
B8CoalBrass™, 8' Radius, Flat TrajectoryHHalf Circle, 180°
B10'CoalBrass™, 10' Radius, 15° TrajectoryTOne-third Circle, 120°
B12'CoalBrass™, 12' Radius, 27° TrajectoryQQuarter Circle, 90°
B15'CoalBrass™, 15' Radius, 27° TrajectoryTTTwo-thirds circle, 240°
TQThree-quarter circle, 270°
CSTCenter strip
ESTEnd strip
SSTSide strip