Gravity Return Sprinkler

Gravity Return Sprinkler is a Brass Pop-Up Sprinkler are available in shrub, quarter, half, full, and high options.

Where to Buy

– Available in 1 1/4” and 2” pop-up action

– Body constructed of cast red brass

– Yellow brass nozzles with adjusting screw

Model NumberModel Description
18Red Brass Pop-Up Body Only
18HPRed Brass High Pop-Up Body Only
19Red Brass Shrub-Body Only
18SFRed Brass Pop-Up Full Spray
18SHRed Brass Pop-Up Half Spray
18SQRed Brass Pop-Up Quarter Spray
SFBrass Nozzle-15' Radius-Full Spray
SHBrass Nozzle-15' Radius-Half Spray
SQBrass Nozzle-15' Radius-Quarter Spray