PRS-MOD is a Valve Pressure Regulating Module.

Compatible with the SPV, 950, AND 800.

Where to Buy

– Regulates Pressure
Regulates and maintains outlet pressure between 10 and 100 PSI

– Accurate Adjustment
Adjustment dial with increments of 5 PSI provides accurate pressure setting readout

– Consistent Downstream Regulation
Consistent downstream pressure regulation reduces water hammer and pressure spikes

– Extreme Durability
Waterproof, corrosion-resistant dial housing eliminates fogging and binding

– Pressure Gauge Verification
Fitted with Schrader valve for pressure gauge verification

– Easy Installation
Threads into valve solenoid port for easy field upgrade installation

Operating Ranges

  • Flow: 100 to 360 GPM
  • Pressure: 10 to 100 PSI
  • Temperature: Up to 150° F